Unbelievable Poetry from the School Garden


Our garden coordinators are lucky: every day they get to see, in person, how learning gardens brighten the school day for children and teachers. This is a rarer experience for me in the office, which is why I was delighted when Greg shared a poem written by a Haggerty School fourth grader along with this note from teacher Meg Moloney: "I took my class outside with Greg on April 13 to plant peas and write poetry. This one is especially amazing -- all will be entries in the CPL tree poetry contest." Here's the poem -- really incredible work: Garden Poem

Thanks, Meg, for reminding us how much the school garden means to you and your students! You are rightfully proud of your student's work. I love this poem for a lot of reasons: the rhymes are charming, and the imagery is so specific. This is clearly a student who has actually spent time in nature and carefully observed what was found there. This goes to show how experiential learning is beneficial to learning across the subjects -- not just science and math, but language arts as well. To see more great examples of language arts in the garden, check out our page of garden-based lessons, or view our Teacher Forum webinars on nonfiction writing and garden storytelling.