We plant gardens in public schools and work with teachers and families to make science engaging for every child.

CitySprouts gets children learning outside.

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Our Programs


School Partnership Program

CitySprouts School Partnership Program partners with two public school districts to integrate garden-based learning with teachers’ curriculum and school culture. Our September – June program in over 20 urban elementary schools helps all children develop essential science skills, nurtures their social emotional capabilities, and supports environmental literacy in communities with limited resources.


Middle School Program

The CitySprouts Middle School Program provides out-of-school-time opportunities for Boston and Cambridge youth ages 11-14 to gain confidence and skill in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) practices by exploring ecosystems and food systems. Using a combination of gardening, cooking and exploring the neighborhood as a vehicle, our tuition-free after school and summer programs guide young people through projects that engage them in science practices, encourage life-long habits of health, and give them practice being leaders in their community.

Program Information