CitySprouts Through the Eyes of a Child


Maya Loves CitySprouts"Maya loves??CitySprouts" says her grandmother Marcia. "She often comes home and tells me about garden activities. I love that the children have a chance to spend more time outside--the garden is one of the few chances Maya has to experience nature." "Maya is in kindergarten. I was really surprised that she could explain the process of composting in detail--from feeding scraps of fruit to worms to using the finished compost to feed the wheat planted by the class. I hadn't thought much about the educational aspects of the garden, but it is clear that the garden lessons have really made an impression on her. She knows it it good to reduce waste, but she also knows a bit about the science of compost. And she loves being out there."

Maya might not know that garden activities at the Kennedy Longfellow School in Cambridge are intentionally woven her school's curriculum, thanks to a partnership between CitySprouts and the Cambridge public schools. Maya just knows she is happy when she is in the garden. She says, "the sun is shining all over the place. It feels like heaven."

Click on this link to see Maya describe?How to Make Compost. Click here if you like to know why?Maya loves her CitySprouts Garden

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