Celebrating the Garden at Graham & Parks


The spring of 2015 was a banner season for the learning garden at the Graham & Parks School in Cambridge. Third-grade teachers Linnaea Adams and Fabrizia Adang led their students in a long-term project to research the many varieties of plants growing in their school garden and publish their findings on informational placards as a guide for visitors. Integrating writing, art, and research skills, the project prompted students to dig deep into the study of a particular plant, take ownership of what they learned, and pass their knowledge on to others. On June 5,?Lannaea and Fabrizia held a garden celebration to unveil?the results?of their students' hard work. The G&P?third graders took immense pride in showing off their garden expertise.?Each student clamored?to draw visitors' attention to their own plant. With nearly every kind of crop in the garden documented with student-produced placards, the garden was transformed intro a treasure trove of botanical and culinary information. The knowledge provided by this student project would?be enough to get a novice gardener started growing and cooking his or her own food.

Linnaea and Fabrizia shared more information about their garden publishing project with us during a session of the CitySprouts Teacher Forum this past March. You can view a recording of that webinar here.