Early Start in Science


Early Start in Science Initiative is an inquiry-based science education program for 3-6 year olds designed to build a foundation for life-long STEM engagement and proficiency. 

“I am convinced that a strong, carefully developed garden-based science professional development series has the potential to set our teachers on the path of being able to provide just such strong science education for our students.” -Principal, Boston Public Schools  

The initiative includes developing new program material addressing the particular needs of young students; a series of 6 site-based professional development workshops for early grade teachers structured to build their STEM knowledge and effective teaching strategies; and a family engagement component to extend young children’s science learning beyond the school day. 

I really enjoyed the series. I feel it made me, someone who doesn’t feel quite competent in science, very comfortable with teaching science. The instructor was very knowledgeable and very welcoming and able to work with people from all types of backgrounds and knowledge levels.
-Kindergarten Teacher, Boston Public Schools

Contact Robyn Burns, Director of Programs for more information at rburns@citysprouts.org


Outcomes from Early Start in Science Initiative are being evaluated by Sun Associates, an organization experienced with working with schools and school districts throughout the country to evaluate the impact of educational initiatives and innovations.

“The garden provides valuable experiences for preschoolers who otherwise might not get their hands in dirt, find joy in looking at bugs and worms, or watch food grow from plant to seed… It is unlikely that our preschoolers would have such rich, hands-on learning opportunities without the garden.” Preschool, Cambridge Public Schools